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STERITECH welcomes you to discover the world of intelligent sterilization/pasteurization. Using less energy, saving water and reducing environmental impact while increasing your productivity and profits, with tens, even hundreds of thousands of euros in savings every year is not a promise, but a proven reality that our customers are pleased with every day. The sustainable development at the heart of our business philosophy, our commitment to continuous innovation and the close ties between our teams and our customers allow us to offer you the cheapest, fastest and most productive sterilization and pasteurization on the market today.

Smart Preservation

Sterilization and pasteurization, which are essential to the proper preservation of packaged foods, naturally consume a lot of water and energy. STERITECH has been committed since its creation to making technologies, processes and equipment faster, more efficient, more economical and more respectful of the environment. Because our world of preservation perfectly reconciles ecological and economic performance, STERITECH is today the only manufacturer of autoclaves and continuous systems supported by Eco-Innovation, the official European organization that rewards the most innovative equipment in terms of environmental respect and economic superiority.

At the forefront of innovation

If our autoclaves and continuous sterilization and pasteurization systems with back pressure allow you to achieve the greatest savings in time, energy, water and production space, it is because our researchers in thermal, hydraulic and pneumatic engineering, automation and computer science are constantly working to make our technologies and equipment faster, more productive and more economical.

Thanks to the expertise of our design offices and our solid industrial know-how, we are constantly optimizing heat flows and exchanges down to the smallest detail, designing processes and automation that push the technological limits even further, and constantly innovating with improvements that really make a difference:
* Continuous pasteurization with or without back pressure for all types of flexible packaging.
* Ultra-compact and hyper-economical automated systems for flexible packaging.
* Multi-product hydrostatic equipment that is no longer just optimized for a single product or a limited range.
* Dozens of other innovations and patents that optimize, accelerate and standardize heat transfer.
* TRILOGY software