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The «STERITECH Internationalisation Call for Projects» operation is co-finaced by

The European Union within the scope of the ERDF Operational Programme Alsace 2014-2020.


1988 : Patrice CAMU creates STERITECH and starts his business in a garage.
           He is the first one on the market to use PC control
           to make autoclaves smarter and manage traceability !

1992 : 1st autoclave sold in Switzerland

1993 : 1st autoclave sold in India

1995 : 1st autoclave sold in Thailand

1996 : business is consolidated in India

1998 : the development of the company is hampered by a flood that affects all premises

2000 : move into the current building in Saverne

2003 : 1st autoclave Bi-process sold in Germany

2004 : 1st water spray autoclave sold in Czech Republic

2006 : 1er Continuous Hydrostatic Pasteurizer (CHS) sold in The Netherlands

2010 : STERITECH  wins the price of the Eco Innovation program to industrialize and market an innovative continuous heat treatment system (SERIAL TOWER)

2011 : expansion of the manufacturing hall to meet the sharp increase of the activity

2013 : Pierre GAVIGNON joins the company to assist Patrice CAMU

2014 : a great year for STERITECH :
          – the company wins the Regional Trophy for Export of Alsace Chamber of Commerce
          – the compnay introduces its breakthrough Software TRILOGY 4.0 at INTERPACK Trade Show for the first time

2016 : STERITECH is incorporated as a public limited company with a board of directors, and Pierre GAVIGNON becomes President

2017 :

– the company logo and its sign are changed to express more strongly the intelligence of the pasteurization/sterilization solutions offered

– the company receives a grant from ADEME in the  «Project Eco-efficiency in Industry and Agriculture» for a «Future investment Programm» with the purpose of designing an innovating continuous pasteurization equipment, suitable for various packaging formats

2018 : STERITECH celebrates its 30th Birthday, Happy Birthday !