The essential PowerCool’R®

The PowerCool'R cooling tunnel which reduces the treatment time in our autoclaves from 30 to 40% and all the more increases your capacities of pasteurisation...

Welcome to STERITECH, the most profitable and productive sterilisation and pasteurization in the market


Our business is the preservation of your packaged products while respecting your resources and the environment.

World leader in innovation for the 25 years, we offer you the fastest and most economical sterilization an pasteurization on the market: produce more, faster and less expensively, preserve your products and packaging better and save tens of thousands Euros on your budget every year.

STERITECH is the only manufacturer of autoclaves and continuous systems in the world rewarded by Eco-Innovation. More about it...

Batch Autoclaves

Batch Autoclaves

Hight performance and economical solutions, to effciently replace or complete your existing autoclaves.

Vap'R Autoclaves

The fastest, most economical and productive Steam Air autoclaves, for all types of foods and packagings…

Vap'O Autoclaves

The most economical Steam / Water spray autoclaves for all types of products and packagings…

Continuous System

Continuous System

More productive, faster, compact and economical, they revolutionise the market of sterilisation and pasteurization:

Serial Tower

A continuous system with the most compact and economical back pressure, for products in flexible packagings...

C.H.P & C.H.S

Continuously sterilizes and pasteurizes all types of products and rigid or flexible packagings with back pressure…



Real time control, absolute traceability, loading, unloading, automated conveyor or cooling:

Command and control

The autopilot for autoclaves and continuous systems...


A tunnel designed to pasteurize more, faster and less expensively...


All complements for autoclaves and continuous systems...


The competencies and expertise for sterilizing and pasteurizing quickly, simply and with a flawless quality and reliability:


The autoclaves and continuous systems with overpressure for all products and packings, flexible and fragile included:


Designer and integrator of the most productive, reliable, profitable and economical autoclaves and continuous systems in the world...