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mar. 25mai 2021

About Petfood


Healthier ingredients, the confinement effect… a booming market

The first #confinement led to a surge in the adoption of cats and dogs, and generated a

net increase in the sales of pet food. The pet food market is forecast to grow by around 3%* per year to reach five billion euros in 2020. Food remains the biggest area of expenditure at an average of €800/year, with a transition to better quality, more natural, organic, #vegan and even gluten-free ingredients. The traceability, contents, preservation process and safety of products is also a determining factor for consumers.



How can the optimal #sterilization of pet food be guaranteed?

One of the particular characteristics of pet food is that it must have the latest possible use-by date, and therefore must be subjected to high sterilization values while preserving intact the flavors, minerals and vitamins, with the perfect integrity of all types of #packaging, including flexible packaging.




✅ STERITECH can optimize this in-depth treatment by using the steam-air process to ensure fast and precise sterilization, while also saving water and energy.

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