When STERITECH Founder Patrice CAMU launched his company and set out to implement the innovative concept of computer-controlled autoclave, he did not realize he was a pioneer in the field…

30 years later STERITECH software still makes autoclaves and continuous systems smarter, and their users more     confident !

In fact, Patrice CAMU had not realized at that time that he had just invented the “Factory of the Future” or Industry 4.0 :
– Information available instantly and in full security,
– Interconnection of machines inside/outside production sites,
– Making production units more flexible.

Today STERITECH range of software TRILOGY includes 5 applications :

– TRILOGY Essential
– TRILOGY Maintenance
– TRILOGY Management
– TRILOGY Energy
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Primarily dedicated to production,TRILOGY Essential Software :
– Offers ergonomic and intuitive features for the control of your equipment, especially designed to reduce required time of training and to limit control errors
– Allows to control at once several autoclaves or continuous sterilization/pasteurization systems via a single PC
– Releases an alarm in real time when some adjustment is necessary


Conçu spécifiquement pour le personnel de maintenance, le logiciel TRILOGY Maintenance software is designed specifically for Maintenance personnel and provides :
– Global and permanent overview of the status of your equipment
– Planned maintenance schedule for each one of your autoclaves or continuous systems
– Alarm messages issued and available for remote consultation
– Details of each maintenance operation required with their specific safety instructions, and including assistance for ordering spare parts !


Intended for Managers, TRILOGY Management Software allows :
– Creating, optimizing and managing the recipes with unlimited customization capability
-Analyzing, managing and storing all curing data with very high levels of security and traceability
– Having access in real time to production and equipment output data
– Recording and managing cost accounting data: establishing cost price of one product, output of a line…


TRILOGY ENERGY Software makes it possible to monitor consumption and cost of energy sources


Because mobility is such an essential requirement for jobs nowadays, TRILOGY Link Software provides remote access to all parameters of your production line via your Smart phone or tablet.