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equipe steritech saverne professionnel sterilisation pasteurisation

Agnès and Patrice CAMU

Looking at Patrice CAMU and his wife comfortably seated in STERITECH Head Office, one can hardly imagine that they started their business in a garage!

In 1988, Patrice CAMU left his former job in which he did not have the opportunity to develop his new ideas, and set up his own company, offering the first computer-controlled autoclaves on the international market, particularly in Germany!

The CAMU couple had to work very hard, with tenacity and a lot of passion and humility to bring up the Company to the level where it is today after 30 years.

After supporting her husband during the first years of their business, Agnès CAMU has now come back to her initial passion: Aubusson Tapestry work, which she practices with much talent. Nevertheless, she remains actively involved in all the strategic decisions of the Company.

Pierre GAVIGNON is President of STERITECH Executive Board , and he is involved in many areas of the firm: R & D, Engineering, Marketing… always perfectly calm in all circumstances, but overflowing with relentless energy!
His secret lies probably in the many activities he practices during his leisure time, such as bee-keeping, permaculture, ecology, and the like …

Pierre Gavignon Chief Executive Officer

equipe steritech saverne professionnel sterilisation pasteurisation

We have great passion for our business, it is the secret of our strength.

Pierre Gavignon Chief Executive Officer

Christine JUNG

Born in Hoerdt, the Alsatian city of asparagus, and married to a stockbreeder, she chose to work in an office far from her farm, and provides efficient administrative support always with good mood to STERITECH Management since 1995.

Thierry PICHOT

Win/Win action and beating drum: this is the main leitmotiv of Thierry PICHOT for managing STERITECH Purchasing Department since 2015.


David BATTISTA has been STERITECH Shop Foreman since 2012, showing a great deal of dedication, rigor, and attention to detail. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the doting Daddy and do shopping with his two beloved daughters!

Mr Thierry MEYER

In charge of managing STERITECH Technical Office, and showing rigor and creativity, Thierry MEYER practices sport and enjoys open air activities.


Daniel has worked as a welder at STERITECH since 2012. Known as “Dany”, he is very active in his spare time, practicing open-air activities, motor bike, do-it-yourself, cooking, and wine tasting!

Mr Christophe WENDLING

Christophe runs the Engineering Office for Automated Operations, and has a formidable weapon to create a good atmosphere in his department: its smile!

Adriano TESTA

Conscientious : is undoubtedly an essential quality that Adriano TESTA already possessed when he joined STERITECH in 2016.When he is not working as a welder, this young man escapes by walking and by hitting… tennis balls !


Passionate about extreme sports (BMX, Skateboard, Motocross), Anthyme BOISSON–HALLET joined the mechanical design office in September 2019 as an apprentice Mechanical Engineer, training he is doing at INSA Strasbourg.


Jules PARUTTO was hired in September 2019, as a boilermaker welder. Outside of his work, he is particularly fond of mechanics and DIY.


Tout un sportif dans sa tête pour programmer nos machines, ou dans son corps pour faire du vélo et de l’escalade. Julien, a parcouru plusieurs pays en Europe pour mettre en route nos machines chez nos clients et garantir leur satisfaction.


Recruited while she was still a student in Commercial, Mariana is now an experienced Commercial Export, showing great listening skill, patience and a high sense of service in relation with clients.

Mr Gabriel MULLER

Gabriel is responsible for designing STERITECH mechanical projects, and a dedicated supporter of Strasbourg Football Club. Please refrain from criticism of Strasbourg TeamJ

Mr Sébastien WEIL

Keen of all kinds of sliding sports (kitesurf, wakeboard, snowboard), Sébastien WEIL brings a new lease of life to STERITECH’s mechanical Engineering Office, which he has been managing since the end of 2018.

Mr Pierre LEMBLE

With his legendary communicative cheerfulness, his perseverance and his desire to constantly improve, it is very naturally that Pierre LEMBLE joined STERITECH’s Automation Department at the beginning of 2019 as an Automation Engineer.

Mr Christophe DOUVIER

Christophe is a welder in the boiler making workshop. And when he removes his protective mask, he enjoys long hikes in the woods, watching out for the forest king, the stag!

Mrs Jennifer BIHLER

Jennifer works as assistant in STERITECH Accounting Office. But she is also skilled in measuring sugar, flour and other key ingredients for making succulent pastry!


Alban’s versatility is one of his greatest characteristics! On weekends, he puts on his DJ hat to mix during birthdays or his motorcycle hat to ride the Alsatian roads and during the week, Alban wears his apprenticeship technician hat.


Passionate about robotics and home automation, Elias KUGLER joined the Design Office in 2019 as an automation apprentice.

Benjamin FIEDLER

A great sportsman at heart, when Benjamin is not at Steritech or in class for his engineering degree, he puts on his running shoes, walks or grabs his mountain bike to discover the mountains and new landscapes.


As a technician in the Mechanical Engineering Office, Maxime always maintains composure and keeps self control. But he is also capable of showing a lot of adrenalin in French boxing and motor bike races.


In her free time, Emilia enjoys cooking and sharing good food with her family and friends and to unwind she plays badminton or runs with her colleagues!

At Steritech, she brings her expertise in food processing and helps clients develop and optimize their recipes.

Guillaume STAINE

Attracted by automation in a professional and personal context, Guillaume doesn’t lack logic and curiosity! Our automaticien doesn’t miss a single moment to take care of his canine friend or to go scuba diving!


Eric started his work as Assembly-Welder in 2017. He loves open-air activities, hiking, and mountain bike.

Mr Thierry LECHNER

For over 20 years, Thierry LECHNER has been STERITECH Sales Manager, and Member of the Management Board. He is fully dedicated to the development of the business, at both international and national levels, with considerable pugnacity. No doubt that his experience in the teaching of martial arts (as a Federal Karate Instructor) in his leisure time has helped him to get strength and self control…

Nathan MOEBS

Victor ZANNA

If you don’t find Victor in his office or on the road developing business in German speaking countries, he is probably on stage playing bass in his band.


Jordan EHRMANN likes above all to take care of his dog, to ride his bike and to play sports. His meticulous and serious side makes him the ideal employee as a boilermaker welder.


When she is not traveling around the world, Yaëlle enjoys photography and hiking in the mountains. After a first internship at Steritech, she joined us during her apprenticeship as part of her master in HR, with her big smile and her desire to always improve.


Lucas JACOB joined the STERITECH team as an apprentice after sales assembler technician in July 2019. He is a great party-goer with his friends and enjoy hosting evenings. Thank you to him for his zest for life and his good humour!

Nicolas FELTEN

Christophe NICOLA

Christophe NICOLA came to reinforce the sales department of STERITECH, in order to take care of all the French speaking part.


“Manual labor is endless reading. It is enough to work with joy. Nothing could be easier to stay young” is the motto of Loïc Munsch, a dynamic, serious and ambitious technician, when he works but also when he tinkers, travels or plays soccer.


Tania is STERITECH Administrative and Financial Director. Far from the usual cliché about the austere profile of accountants and financial executives, Tania is a very pleasing person, smiling and exuberant! She practices many sport and cultural activities, which fuel her tremendous positive energy.


Sacha works as an Assembly Technician in STERITECH workshop. Again, a great supporter of Strasbourg Football Club in the company! Which makes lively discussions at the time of coffee breaks J


Aurélien SCHMITT

In charge of STERITECH’s Logistics and Warehousing Department, Aurélien must undoubtedly show a great deal of rigor and self-control. But he is capable also of showing great enthusiasm when he attends the games of the Strasbourg Football Club!


Nicolas is Assembly Technician in STERITECH workshop. He is much appreciated by his colleagues for his helpful, respectful, and discrete attitude. On his spare time, Nicolas is also a great amateur of sports (cycling, judo), and has a passion for bowling and geocaching.

Maxime EBY