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Natural food par excellence and important food source of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals + vitamins, milk is a live product and has qualities which must be preserved as much as possible, especially when pasteurization/sterilization processing is required.

For a long time, the only solution available on the market to sterilize milk was the rotary retort.

But this technology has 2 major drawbacks :

– It requires high strength packaging to resist tightening
– Its overall cost (purchase and maintenance) is higher.

This is why STERITECH has developed other solutions, at first for customers equipped with retorts, and next for customers needing continuous solutions.
STERITECH Solution for retorts :

  • Developed by STERITECH in 1999, the Rocking System is a device providing oscillation of products in the longitudinal or transverse directions. The tipping angle is adjustable as well as cycle frequency, making it possible to adjust the recipe to the product and its packaging. This system allows to lay down packaging and does not require fastening it during the process, provided the inclination angles are lower than the sliding angles of the products on their support. There is no risk of markup due to tightening for fragile packaging. Design of these devices is very strong and simple, which makes them inexpensive in terms of purchase and maintenance.

The “Rocking System” ensures optimal and homogeneous penetration of heat in the milk products and helps to preserve their organoleptic and nutritional qualities and, in fine, to guarantee adequate preservation at room or cooled temperature.

Continuous STERITECH solutions with or without backpressure :

  • Serial Tower or CMP (Continuous Modular Pasteurizer)
    The products are put down on plates which can be flat or with dips for holding the products in place.

The plates move at an angle during pasteurization/sterilization, in order to provide agitation as needed for optimum transfer of heat during heating or cooling stages (Patent No. EP1 377 322 B1)

  • CHP –  CHS (Continuous Hydrostatic Pasteurizer or Sterilizer)

Various systems were developed by STERITECH to maintain the trays containing the food product in continuous or alternative rotation during the heating and cooling phases.

In any event, the choice of the equipment is not made on the basis of technology, but rather on the basis of test results and on your specifications, for optimum preservation of your products’ viscosity, texture and packaging (plastic, glass, metal…), and for optimizing your process.