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STERITECH invents the 1st pasteurization solution continuous and flexible on plates
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Food industry or pharmaceutical industry manufacturer : if your challenge is to continuously pasteurize mass production, discover STERITECH’s Continuous Modular Pasteurizer (CMP) without delay.

Principle of continuous and flexible pasteurization on plates

The Continuous Modular Pasteurizer (CMP) unit allows to pasteurize your products on flat plates, on a continuous and flexible basis. It may include 4 modular sections :

– 1st section to pasteurize your products up to 90 – 95°C

– 2nd section to pre-cool fully your products at 30 – 40°C

– 3rd section to cool products to 4°C temperature

– the 4th section is highly innovative : it allows to store your products automatically in the event of production line shutdown, keeping them at 4°C temperature out of the heated area.


All heat transfers are proceeded by spraying.

Why choose the Continuous Modular Pasteurizer de STERITECH ?


1. High flexibily

– temperatures, at the heart of the products, adjustable

* ≤ 90°C (hot section)

* 3 – 4°C (cold section)

– suitable for all types of packaging with different forms and sizes
– adjustable cycle times

– various elevators can be “by-passed”

– elevators can be loaded in one step out of two or three (according to product and time cycle)

– plate cycle time of 10 seconds (or more)

2. Modular design

– each section is an assembly of identical elevators.

– the size of each section is adjustable to suit your needs

– the temperature control can be independent per zone

3. Product safety and quality

– application of FIFO Principle (“first in, first out”)

– All products are pasteurized in exactly the same way

– plate traceability
– no overcooking of products in the event of a line stop

4. Savings

– no waiting time : the products are fed into the pasteurization section without delay

– products do not cool as they are processed immediately

– greater product homogeneity and quality

– fully automated pasteurization line

– reduced floorspace requirement

– energy savings and recovery


5. Increased capacity and profitability when combined with Serial Tower

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