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Custom-made design

All project start with audit and detailed analysis of your needs, products, methods, and production environment. A team dedicated to your project will work closely with your departments and employees to collect and analyze the required data, and suggest a plan and a detailed development schedule matching your needs and expectations. The qualification group will check and validate each stage of the manufacturing process, from design up to integration and commissioning.


We perform all the necessary hydraulic, energy, mechanical and electrical studies and draw up the specifications detailing all the functions, mechanisms, controls and safety devices required, as well as the processes, commands, automatisms and methods to be implemented. A GANT Chart and HACCP System are used for scheduling the project right from the design stage, and guarantee permanent optimal operation of your equipment later on, with total traceability.


Our CAO engineers provide also detailed 3D-modeling of your future autoclave or continuous system, displaying the components and mechanisms, constraints, heat flows and exchange, all tested and optimized inside the virtual system. The termal diagrams drawn-up allow us to optimize the location and operation of every component (valve, probe, sensor, heat exchanger…) before manufacturing.


Our custom-design method leaves no place for error in order to guarantee the highest levels of performance, security, and reliability at any time and in conformance with the most strict standards and regulations applicable.


Your futur equipment tested in our engigeering laboratory


We test and optimize the design and operation of your future autoclaves or continuous systems in our engineering laboratory. Our pilot autoclaves were specifically designed to reproduce at a smaller scale any type of thermal process (steam and water spray, air and steam…) in batch mode with an autoclave in static mode, or with an agitation Rocking System, but also in continuous mode, with or without over-pressure.


Your future equipment can than be set-up, and your programs and recipes validated or improved, by sterilizing or pasteurizing your own packaged products until perfect optimization of the pressure and temperature curves is achieved at each stage of the cycle. We check the reliability of the measurements performed, calibrate each component of the system, and personalize its control and supervision interface according to the special features and languages defined.


Every detail is checked before manufacturing your autoclave or continuous system to maximize the processing quality, control the pathogens effectively, preserve the flavors and organoleptic qualities of your products, and guarantee the total integrity of all your packaging formats, whether they are strong or fragile. We optimize the level times, temperatures, pressures, sterilization, pasteurization, and cooking values, to the core or on surface to make your equipment the most efficient, fast, productive and economical units on the market.


STERITECH Pilot autoclaves are self-contained units that can be easily moved easily, so that you can test and optimize your recipes by yourself on your production site before manufacturing of your new equipment !


Your new pasteurization/sterilization solution is manufactured and integrated according to the best practices


STERITECH manufactures its autoclaves and continuous systems at its Saverne (France) production workshop. Our production teams include specialized technicians, hydraulic engineers, boilermakers, pipe fitters, and electricians who ensure manufacturing and assembly of your autoclaves and continuous systems. The site is divided into several sections according to their specialty, each with its own advanced equipment. A large warehouse ensures availability at all times of all the materials, components and supplies needed for the production of autoclaves and continuous systems.

The equipment units are assembled, calibrated, programmed and set-up in accordance with the shop packet, and then tested until they meet all the requirements of the applicable standards: EC, TUV, SVTI or ASME. The components of your autoclaves and continuous systems are next transferred to your site for installation and integration into your production lines by our fitters.

The equipment units are qualified in the production facilities after detailed checking of every aspect (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, control, documentation…) of them. We make sure that they fully meet the requirements of the specifications and the production environment DQ, OQ and EQ, as well as their performance and reliability in real PQ situation. We check also the qualification of your operators, and OP and MQ methods. After full optimization and integration into your production lines, your new autoclave or continuous system will be ready for operation to meet your highest requirements.


After sale  service


We do everything to guarantee the reliability and service life of your sterilization/pasteurization autoclaves and continuous systems. All equipment has a standard one-year guarantee (not including parts subject to regular wear and tear), with various maintenance agreements suited to your needs: preventative, corrective or curative maintenance on your site, annual metrology checks, cartography, calibration of your measuring equipment, audits and follow-up of any defective component.

You will be assigned a Manager in charge of customer service whom you can contact at any time. Our service technicians can also perform remote diagnosis of your autoclaves or continuous systems connected via our TRILOGY software solution, adjust your parameters, or assist you in real time to prevent any break-up of production. If an intervention is required, the maintenance technician will perform an audit on line to gather all the data needed and have all parts available before he moves to your site, and quickly brings back your equipment to normal operation.