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Thu 5Aug 2021

Discover the 3 main advantages of steam air autoclaves!

Autoclave air vapeur

Discover the 3 main advantages of steam air autoclaves: :

In the autoclave market, we can find different processes of  food and pharma pasteurization or sterilization  industry, such as water spraying, pure steam, immersion, cascading but also steam air.

What is the Steam Air sterilization process ?

This process consists in heating the products which must be pasteurized or sterilized, by the injection of pure steam in the autoclave. As the products are heated, their internal pressure increases. Some packages are very rigid and resistant to high overpressure. However, not all products are packaged in rigid packages. There are more fragile packages such as pouches, trays, doypacks and others. These packages are designed to withstand high temperatures but not always high pressures. This is why it is necessary to add a volume of compressed air in the autoclave throughout the cycle, in order to increase the counter pressure and avoid the risks of deformation of the packaging.

What are the 3 main advantages of an Steam air sterilization process ?

✅ The mass heat of steam is higher than that of water, which allows faster heating, while transferring heat through moisture.
✅ The steam generates condensate which can be reused for cooling or for heat recovery. This condensate, which is recovered at the end of the sterilization phase, still has a high temperature and can be stored in a separate tank or kept in the autoclave in order to cool it down and use it for cool down the products.
✅An ideal process for flexible packaging thanks to compressed air or counter pressure which preserves the shape of the packaging from any deformation.


What is the difference between Steam air autoclaves and water spraying autoclaves?

There are differences between the two autoclaves.
A water spraying autoclave will need a higher water level to heat all the products. This water level can be heated by a heat exchanger or directly in the autoclave by steam injection. As the water is heated, the pump circulates it to the top and side nozzles so that it can be sprayed on the products.

An Steam air autoclave will need a turbine to draw in the steam particles and mix them with the air particles. It will need a system of air plates that will give direction to the steam in the autoclave. The cooling of the products is done by spraying cooled water. For this purpose, the autoclave also needs top nozzles and the side nozzles are a plus.
A very efficient process to destroy pathogenic bacteria and their spores, preserve the integrity of your products and recover energy.
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