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Tue 22Feb 2022

Goût’stave, the small autoclave that has everything of a big one!

petit autoclave



It is time to act because on the one hand :

And on the other:

1/3 of the world’s food production for human consumption is lost or wasted each year (FAO report, 2019).

32% at the producer*

32% at the producer*

21% lors de la transformation

21% during the transformation*

14% during distribution

14% during distribution*

33% at the consumer

33% at the consumer*
*distribution of losses and waste (2016, ADAME)

Let’s reduce food waste and develop sustainable nutrition by producing good, healthy, and local products !

This is why we wanted to put all our expertise and know-how to the benefit of small structures, micro-canneries and local actors who contribute to the reduction of food waste by developing sustainable nutrition.

We worked for Arbocal, a local cannery, to support its project of recovering abandoned fruits and vegetables from orchards, surpluses and unsold products to transform them into healthy, local and sustainable products.

The birth of Goût’stave, an autoclave full of qualities

This is how Goût’stave was born, a small, powerful, autonomous and electrical autoclave that meets the technical and financial expectations of small structures, such as Arbocal.

Goût’stave : a concentrate of French know-how

    • A 100% Alsatian production and all designed with love !
    • Stainless steel tank (50 mm rock wool insulation)
    • Horizontal loading of 1 or 2 baskets: unlike a vertical autoclave, the handling of the basket is facilitated, which makes the use of the autoclave more ergonomic!
    • Electric heating: the water necessary for the thermal process is heated up to 130°C by means of an electric resistance of 30 or 60 kWh allowing an operation without boiler
    • Pasteurization and/or sterilization process by water spraying with an homogeneous temperature distribution
    • Adjustable pressure up to 2 bars.
    • Adaptable to all types of packaging


Goût'stave : a concentrate of French know-how

The advantages of Goûtstave

A genius this Goût’stave :

The sterilization and pasteurization cycles are controlled by our Trilogy 4.0 software. The utilization is done with a touch screen, nothing could be easier to program your cycle ! Our software allows :

  • – The automatic regulation of temperature and back pressure throughout the cycle according to the requested set point. After having set the recipe, you just have to press start and Goût’stave takes care of the heat treatment of the products !
  • – Real time display of temperature and back pressure curves.
  • – Monitoring of the evolution of the temperature in the product thanks to the core probes. The sterilizing or pasteurizing value is calculated in real time. The control of the autoclave can also be done according to the temperature, the VS or VP of the product.
  • – Archiving of cycle reports for product traceability.

An ecologist this Goût’stave :

In France, for a sterilization cycle of 200 cans 4/4 at 120°C it is :

  • 190 Wh par kilo de produit0,19 kWh per kilo of product
  • 11 g de CO2 par kilo de produit11 g of CO2 per kilo of product
  • 0,015 € par produit0,015 € per product
  • 65 L d’eau par cycle65 L of water per cycle
  • Water recovery option = Resource conservation!

A small autoclave with a large capacity

200 boîtes 4/4

200 cans 4/4

150 bouteilles de 1L

150 bottles of 1L

180 barquettes

180 trays

210 bocaux Tulipe de 580 mL

210 Tullipe jars of 580 mL

135 bocaux le Parfait de 750 mL

135 750 mL Parfait glass jars

165 Doypacks de 250 g

165 250 g Doypacks

Goût’stave, more than a machine, a concept!

Today, Goût’stave is much more than a simple horizontal autoclave, it is a whole concept that we set up to bring you a turnkey solution.
As for the Arbocal, we accompany you in your project by putting our technical expertise, our human resources and our partners at your disposal.

Conserverie localeArbocal

Discover its history in video !