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Thu 9Feb 2023

Team spirit, the first value that defines Steritech

Steritech’s values #1


Our mission is to support you throughout your project, doing everything possible to offer you the most effective and respectful global preservation solution through our values.🌎


In today’s worrying context, Steritech wishes to take a turn by reaffirming its committed vision.

During 2022, we defined the values on which our work and our relationships are based every day. We have defined them together so that everyone can be related to these values.

An in-depth presentation of these famous values is necessary!

Team spirit

Let’s start with team spirit! This is one of our core values, the value that links all the others.

It is characterized by healthy human relations where everyone can express themselves and participate in the success of the group.

This definition is OUR vision of team spirit!

How does it guide us in our daily lives?

The team spirit guides us in our daily work: together we go further!

Our team works together to offer you the best products and services. We respond to your requests and we help you throughout your sterilization or pasteurization projects.


What does team spirit mean to us?

We work together with the same objective: to successfully complete your projects.


The team spirit is strengthened during moments of relaxation, such as meals or outdoor activities. At least once a year, we like to organize team building activities! You can find this year’s outings:

Discovery of the outdoor activities of the Lac de Pierre Percé

Animation around the 5 senses with the house of the nature Bruche and Piedmont


See you next month to discover a new value!

You want to discover our beautiful team: it’s here!