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Thu 1Jun 2023

Retrofit in industry: extend the life of your machines

Retrofit Autoclave

Retrofit in industry: extend the life of your machines

Retrofit in the industry is a cost-effective solution for modernizing production machines. By renewing or adding certain parts, this process offers an advantageous alternative to the complete replacement of your machine, giving it a second life. The benefits of retrofitting are numerous: compliance with standards, updated tools, productivity gains, etc. At Steritech, we also see retrofitting as a way of reducing the carbon footprint of the company’s production.

What does retrofitting for sterilization and pasteurization involve?

Are your pasteurization and sterilization machines getting old? From replacing worn components to installing a high-performance control system, at Steritech, we offer you a range of solutions to modernize them.

Installing new parts on your autoclaves

The sterilization or pasteurization process of an autoclave requires a large number of components. More than just maintenance, retrofitting involves replacing nozzles, pumps, heat exchangers or baskets with new-generation components. As a result, your production tools benefit from more reliable, higher-performance parts. Component renewal also enables you to keep pace with changing standards. You’ll be in compliance, without having to change your machine. 

Installation of additional equipment

Retrofitting your production equipment is also an opportunity to make modifications. By adding automatic loading and unloading stations, you can increase your production capacity. Are you equipped with CMP, CHP, CHS machines or autoclaves? You can add tray conveyors, a loading section or a packing station to your existing equipment. 

Add a control system to your sterilization machine

Modernizing continuous sterilization-pasteurization or autoclave machines requires automation. To this end, at Steritech we have developed the TRILOGY 4.0 suite, an innovative MES (manufacturing execution system) for managing your industrial tools. As part of a retrofit process, TRILOGY integration transforms your equipment as well as on that of other brands.

The TRILOGY automatic control system gives you a real-time view of your production equipment. Simultaneous, centralized control of all your autoclaves and sterilization systems, for a global view of your production and yields. Automated maintenance management and planning, with alerts on the condition of your equipment and components. Live access to your energy consumption, for finer, more economical management.

The benefits of retrofitting

Retrofitting offers considerable benefits for all industries. Companies that choose to retrofit their production machinery improve their profitability. It’s also a way of bringing equipment up to standard and improving product traceability. 

Cost reduction

Retrofitting reduces investment. The price of new parts is 30% to 60% lower than the cost of replacing a complete machine. Modernizing equipment also reduces operating costs through:

  • improved ergonomics ;
  • process automation ;
  • reduced energy consumption.

Improving ecological impact

At Steritech, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns. That’s why we take various actions to reduce waste. Retrofitting your machine is one of them.

By renovating your production system, you improve your CSR performance. Replacing a sterilization or pasteurization machine generates significant waste. By giving your equipment a second life through retrofitting, you reduce the pollution generated by your activities. This brings your industry into line with modern environmental values.

Productivity gains

A complete retrofit project allows the addition of a digital control system. On an autoclave or continuous machine, the installation of control software brings productivity gains of 8 to 18%. The risk of human error is considerably reduced. Real-time information transmission improves response time in the event of a problem. Maintenance is carried out as close as possible to machine requirements, for maximum efficiency.

Improved product traceability and quality

The TRILOGY interface enables better production management, adapted to each product. It can be integrated into the overall management of your plant. Your product data is tracked and managed, and linked to production data in real time. Retrofitting improves product traceability and quality. 

How does retrofitting work at Steritech?

The renovation of your industrial equipment begins with a diagnosis. This preliminary analysis enables us to define renovation scenarios adapted to each piece of equipment. Steritech’s experts identify the renovation possibilities for your food or pharmaceutical sterilization machine.

Based on this information, they draw up a renovation project adapted to your needs. They offer a renovation plan that can meet one or more objectives: compliance with standards, simplification of machine use, increased machine reliability, reduced consumption (electricity, water), improved performance.

Once the solution has been accepted, our technicians proceed with the installation. Depending on the type of retrofitting (renovation, refurbishment, modernization), the intervention time varies. Our technicians follow a process developed by our design office, right through to testing and restarting your equipment. 

Retrofitting is a powerful lever for industrial modernization. Is your company involved in production in the agri-food or pharmaceutical sectors? At Steritech, we offer retrofit solutions for your sterilization and pasteurization machines. To find out more about our methods, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.