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Fri 4Aug 2023

An autoclave for small and medium-sized businesses

Goût'Stave et un autoclave industriel

A little autoclave for small and medium business owners:

For small and medium businesse owners, committed to sustainable food, finding effective solutions for sterilizing and pasteurizing products is crucial. That’s where our Goût’stave comes in. an Autoclave, designed specifically for small-scale operations, Goût’stave offers remarkable advantages in terms of efficiency, flexibility and durability.

Goût’stave was developed with the specific needs of small businesses in mind. With its compact size and horizontal loading, it offers easy basket handling, making it ergonomic and practical. It’s self-contained design makes it a cost-effective autoclave for simple and efficient use.

It limits its impact on the environment, preserving the taste and quality of your products:

Energy efficiency and product quality preservation: Goût’stave stands out for its eco-responsible approach. Thanks to its electric heating system, it offers reduced energy consumption, thus limiting its environmental impact. What’s more, the autoclave guarantees the preservation of products’ organoleptic and nutritional qualities, ensuring optimum food quality while complying with food safety standards.

A time efficient autoclave:

The Trilogy 4.0 software, is our software that controls Goût’stave’s sterilization and pasteurization cycles. It offers intelligent automation and simplified operation. With a user-friendly touch screen, users can easily program cycles by setting specific recipes. The software automatically regulates temperature and back pressure throughout the cycle, offering precise, constant control to guarantee the quality of processed products.

Versatility and adaptability: Goût’stave is adaptating to a variety of packaging. Making it versatile for small and medium-sized businesses working with different formats and types of packaging. From cans and bottles to trays and jars, this autoclave meets your packaging needs, ensuring maximum flexibility for smaller structures.

Commitment to sustainable food:

By developing the Goût’stave, we have to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable food. By offering a turnkey solution to small and medium business owners. Steritech actively supports these local players to reduce food waste by transforming surplus and unsold produce into healthy and sustainable one. The Goût’stave is much more than a simple autoclave, it embodies a global concept aimed at building the road to sustainable food.

Goût’stave stands out for its reduced environmental footprint. Thanks to its energy efficiency, minimal water consumption and the option of water recovery, this autoclave contributes to the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of waste.

Support, technical expertise and Made In France:

Steritech offers comprehensive support. Our technical expertise and resources are available to support these structures throughout their project. Whether it’s designing the sterilization/pasteurization process, optimizing cycles or ensuring product traceability, Steritech offers competent and personalized support.

Goût’stave is a concentrate of French know-how. Made in Alsace, this autoclave stands out for its superior quality and reliability. The stainless steel tank, with rock wool insulation, guarantees optimum performance and long-term durability. By choosing Goût’stave, small and medium-sized businesses also support local industry and contribute to the circular economy.

Choose Goût’stave!

Our Goût’stave is the ideal autoclave for small and medium-size businesses commited to sustainable food. this autoclave, made in France, bears witness to Steritech’s commitment to quality, sustainability and the reduction of food waste. By choosing Goût’Stave, you’re investing in the future of responsible food and helping to build a more sustainable world !