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Thu 29Sep 2022

Focus on a profession: boiler making

Do you know the job of a boilermaker?

At Steritech, the boilermaker has many missions. He cuts, welds, assembles tubes and metal sheets, etc… He anticipates the deformations that can be caused by high temperatures on materials. But he is also in charge of checking and controlling the weld that has been made, to verify that it is in conformity with safety and quality.


Watch the interview with Jordan who has been a boilermaker for over 3 years at Steritech.
This video will allow you to learn more about the boilermaker – welder job as well as Steritech.

The chronological order of production at Steritech through the activities of the boilermaking :

At Steritech, there is first of all the robot welder who will start the production process by welding the tanks.

The pipe fitter : he will mainly pipe, which means cutting tubes and assembling them with elbows and flanges. The piping allows to make connections on the tank to connect it to the customer’s supply (example: water, gas). In parallel, he will also take care of all the tapping. The tapping allows the tank to be connected to other elements afterwards.

The welder: his main mission is to weld everything that the pipefitter has assembled as well as the various pieces of boilerwork. His objective is to make the different parts fit together, to solidify the assemblies and to make sure that everything is watertight.

Nowadays, the professions of pipefitter and welder are often combined into one job.

What skills are required?

A boilermaker must know how to read plans, draw, cut and know the basics of welding. These are skills that can be acquired by yourself, and thanks to the training courses that Steritech offers, it is possible to improve and to have all the qualifications to carry out the missions of a boilermaker. The team is very supportive and will accompany you throughout your training.


We are constantly looking for new talent in this field. If you are interested, please contact us. You can find out more by clicking here.