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Wed 30Jun 2021

Better sterilize your products, while reducing cycle times


Better sterilize your products, while reducing cycle times  :

On the one hand, it is necessary to take care of the food safety of the products and thus to guarantee the good pasteurization/sterilization of the products of our customers by respecting the VP (pasteurizing value) or the VS (sterilizing value) necessary. But on the other hand, it is also necessary to reduce to the maximum the cycle times and to preserve to the maximum the qualities of the products.



What’s our secret  ?

When a new product is developed, thermocouples placed in the heart of the product measure the temperature and allow us to calculate, in real time, the VP/VS during the cycle. As soon as the desired VP/VS value is reached, the cycle automatically switches to the cooling phase. The cycle times are then recorded and can be reused during the production phase.



Results  :

An optimized cycle and energy consumption while having a product that retains all its organoleptic characteristics because it has been heated to a minimum.