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Fri 21Oct 2022

Congratulations Maxime !

Congratulations Maxime!

Maxime has completed an international training as a welding technologist, over a period of almost 1 year and comes out PROMO MAJOR! 
The whole team is very proud of him! 😊

His evolution inside the company:

As a result of his diploma, he is now double-hatted:

🛠 He still works in the mechanical design office for 3D design of our sterilisation and pasteurisation solutions.
🛠 He is now Steritech’s one and only welding coordinator. This allows us to have an in-house expert who is fully conversant with the subject and thus to be more responsive to our customers’ needs!

Training at Steritech

At Steritech, we support our employees in their ambitions for professional improvement and development. We support them in their training.
Training is a guarantee of skills and therefore of competitiveness for our company. We are constantly looking to develop the skills of our employees to enable them to constantly evolve in their positions and missions. 

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