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Mon 29Jan 2024

Yesterday’s accomplishments pave the way for tomorrow’s aspirations! 🚀

Let’s pause and comeback on our main achievements of 2023:

📈 Increased autoclave installations by 84%

🔧 Retrofitted 200% more autoclaves

❤ Great stories with our Goût’stave autoclave

🌍 Expanded our presence to 44% more countries

💰 Achieved an outstanding 18.5% revenue boost

🤝🏼 Embraced 8% new team members

💼 Creation of 5 new positions


🤹🏼 2023 is also a year of sharing, sometimes gourmet with the visit of the Boeckel chocolate factory or the reception of Foodtruck for a good meal ; and sometimes more sporty with the organization of hikes and football tournaments!


2023 announced a strong commitment for the environment by raising awareness of climate issues among all employees through the Climate Fresk.

This awareness makes it possible to commit everyone to the development of even more sustainable and economical solutions in terms of water and energy and, to the reduction of Steritech’s carbon footprint following the carbon footprint.


Check out our 2023 retrospective in video!

So, many thanks and congratulations to the entire Steritech team for these realisations👏

And, thank you also to our valued partners, suppliers and customers for their unwavering trust! 🙏

The adventure continues in 2024 with even more sustainable and economic commitments!

Get on board with us 🚀


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