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Thu 16Feb 2023

Which canning industry equipment should you choose for your business?

What equipment should an artisanal cannery have?

The growth of the food industry in France is now favored by the return in force of certain types of establishments. Indeed, the “small” company of artisanal cannery seduces more and more.

However, each cannery project must be carried out on the basis of a market study. It must also be carried out according to a rigorous sanitary control plan. What equipment is needed for an artisanal cannery? We tell you all about the canning equipment that is essential for the implementation of such a business.

The organization of the activity in the workshop

Setting up an artisanal cannery business  requires careful consideration of the location of the production line. The installation of dedicated machinery requires the preparation of several estimates by different suppliers. The objective is to estimate the acquisition price of the equipment and material of the cannery. This study allows you to elaborate the budget of your project. Focus on product manufacturing equipment.

The production of canned food in the workshop

Each activity linked to the production of artisanal preserves (processing, manufacturing, packaging) must have a room dedicated to its treatment. In accordance with the regulations of a canning factory , the principle of forward movement must be respected. No backward movement of products is allowed.


The preservation of the cold chain is also a major objective of the canner. As such, the cannery must have cooling cells, refrigerated cabinets or display cases for the conservation of raw materials.

Preservation of fruits and vegetables before cooking

A workshop is dedicated to the food storage of fruits and vegetables, as well as to their preparation. It must contain equipment and material related to stainless steel hygiene (washing, rinsing) before sterilization.

The implementation of controls on the production line

The realization of controls at all stages of production requires the use of dedicated equipment. Depending on the activity of the cannery, thermometers, ph-meters and weighing scales are part of the equipment of the food processing workshop.

The material necessary for production and packaging

The food processing equipment essential to any cannery is listed below. Zoom on the machines and equipment of the production line.

The retort for the production of canned food

Numerous materials can be considered in the context of the creation of your company. Among them, the retort is essential for the sterilization of your products, fruits or vegetables. The choice of the type of retort is made according to the activity of your canning factory. Our small food retort is adapted to any type of canning project.

The choice of stainless steel furniture and hygiene equipment

All hygiene equipment for the dishwashing area, such as wash basins, must be made of stainless steel. The aim is to meet the hygiene standards. The same applies to the preparation and packaging tables in the workshop.

The choice of packaging material

The packaging of sterilization products is an essential step in the heat treatment process via the autoclave. From the dosing filler to the can seaming machine, the choice is wide. The machines must be appropriate to the activity and to the choice of the packaging method of the cans. If twist-off jars are used, an investment in a twist-off capping machine can be considered.

Preparation and placement of labels

Marking and labeling are the final steps before the sale of your home-made preserves. On this aspect, the regulations must also be scrupulously respected. A manual ink marker or an automatic or semi-automatic labeler can be used.

When setting up a high-speed production line, a complete process line for labeling and palletizing can be considered.

Some essential machines for an artisanal cannery

Many machines dedicated to manufacturing can be found in this type of agri-food workshop. Here are some examples:

  • – a filling and dosing machine for products;
  • – a stainless steel cutting machine for fruits and vegetables.

The elaboration of your home-made preserves can also involve the use of :

  • a mixer ;
  • an autoclave for the sterilization of the products.

In the packaging workshop, you can install the dosing filler. There are also :

  • a canning jar or metal can seamer ;
  • a vacuum packaging machine, if necessary.

Now you know everything about the equipment and materials essential to any artisanal cannery project.  The job of canner is a regulated profession to discover. You still have technical questions? Do not hesitate to contact us about our food retorts. We will inform you in detail about the heat treatment performed by our machines.