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Wed 17Aug 2022

Creation of sterilisation and pasteurisation process recipes

Accompagnement et essais laboratoire

The creation and optimisation of sterilisation and pasteurisation cooking recipes is the key to a successful process. We welcome you in Saverne, in Alsace, to test your process in our pilot laboratory! We will work together to develop your heat treatment.


Autoclaves and equipment available for the creation and optimisation of sterilisation and pasteurisation cooking recipes

We provide the autoclaves and equipment necessary to copy all the sterilisation and pasteurisation processes we offer:
– Water spray autoclave
– Air/steam autoclave
– Bi-process autoclave
– Water immersion autoclave
– Processes with rotation or swing (Rocking System)
– Continuous processes with (Serial Tower, CHP/CHS) or without back pressure (CMP)


Our Trilogy 4.0 software allows us to control and monitor all autoclave parameters in real time.

We can closely follow the evolution of the products during the cycle thanks to our different tools:
– Several thermocouple probes are connected to the software which allows us to follow the temperature of the products at the core and to calculate their sterilising or pasteurising value.
– The PackSensor, connected to the software, allows us to measure the deformation of the flexible packaging during the cycle and to control the counter pressure to avoid this deformation.

Autoclave pilote
Pack Sensor : mesure de la déformation des emballages
Sonde de température Thermocouple

Our support for sterilisation and pasteurisation

For the preparation and conduct of the trials, you can be accompanied by our food engineer.

We can assist you with product development, formulation, choice of packaging and recipe creation.
Our expertise in heat treatment also enables us to assist you in creating and optimising sterilisation and pasteurisation cooking recipes, depending on the product and packaging.

The tests are also an opportunity to train you in the use of the autoclave and our Trilogy software.

Stérilisation de soupes en bouteille
Stérilisation de légumineuses en poches
Pasteurisation de confitures

New: our small electric and horizontal autoclave, Goût'stave!

We now have a small Goût’stave in the laboratory, a horizontal and electric autoclave.
You have a canning project and want to test it before you start?

This is your chance to come and use our Goût’stave autoclave! We can develop the cooking recipes together and thus optimise the cooking and sterilisation or pasteurisation of products.

Finally, if travel is a barrier for you, you can also send us your products. We will do the testing and then share the photos and a full report.

Are you developing a new recipe or a new sterilised product?

Do you want to optimise your sterilisation or pasteurisation schedules?